Raymond Parsonage's Militaria Collection

- A Lifetime's Collection by a Normandy Veteran -

Cap Badge Database

Cap Badge Online Database and Live Online Queries

Photos of Militaria Items

Badge Showcases and Cards - Mounted in Showcases and on cards from Dad's Metal Filing case

Belt Buckles, Epilettes and Regalia - Contents of Show Cabinet

Helmet Plates

Headwear - Helmets, Hats, Glengarries and Caps

Uniforms - Various

George 5th Naval Uniform - Complete with Regalia, Swords and Hatbox

Footwear - Boots

Swords Bayonets and Canes - Various

Instruments - Drums and Bugle

Shields - Professional made and Ray's own work

Militaria Books - Various

Miscellaneous Photos

Uniforms of The Hampshire Regiment (37th and 67th Foot) by R Simkin
The original painting is in the Regimental Museum at Winchester

Click on the picture above to see Ray's display room in its prime - maybe 20 years ago
Any enquiries please contact Ray's daughter Janet Bower - janbower@blueyonder.co.uk