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Archive of photos from special events

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Photos of our recent holidays

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General photos and images we like.

Browne Churches and Churchyard Photos

Photos of Churches and Churchyards taken at Albury and Shere - July 2016.

Jans New Webtrees Family History database with pictures

Jans complete genealogy research - includes downloadable gedcoms and pictures - all displayed by revolutionary new software Webtrees
Click on "Welcome Page" Icon to choose the Gedcom file to view.
These include mainly Parsonage, Browne, Denyer, Upston, Glanville, Woolgar surnames - along with many others.
If you require a logon to enable you to do online updates please contact me.

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My Moths Database

MySQL Moths Database and query screens.

Dads Military Memrobilia

Pages of photos of Dads Lifetime Military Collection.

Richard's 50th Birthday

Richard's 50th Birthday Wishes

James and Jono's Area

Set aside for James and Jono's use.

Wireless camera files

Link to our wireless camera.